Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette

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Inspired by the warm glow of a morning sunrise, Natasha Denona’s Sunrise Palette features sunny yellows, crimson corals, earthy browns, and powerful pinks and fuchsias, all made to melt together in perfect harmony. Packed with the highest quality ingredients, they blend seamlessly to achieve vibrant, ultra-pigmented, long-lasting looks.

About the Shades
  • Poppy 229M: Warm burgundy with a metallic finish
  • Citrine 230CM: Bright yellow with a creamy matte finish
  • Phlox 231M: Crimson red with a metallic finish
  • Awakening 232DC: Iridescent mauve with a duo chrome finish
  • Laurel 233M: Warm champagne with a metallic finish
  • Aster 234DC: Iridescent deep pink with a duo chrome finish
  • Glory 235CM: Deep berry with a creamy matte finish
  • Azalea 236DC: Red copper with a duo chrome finish
  • Morgan 237CM: Peachy pink with a creamy matte finish
  • Agate 238M: Golden beige with a metallic finish
  • Clove 239CM: Dark earthy brown with a creamy matte finish
  • Carnelian 240CM: Deep orange with a creamy matte finish
  • Jasper 241CM: Deep rusty red with a creamy matte finish
  • Morning 242CM: Warm apricot with a creamy matte finish
  • Day Spring 243M: Golden brown with a metallic finish
Why It’s Special
  • The pigment-packed formula features the world’s finest quality ingredients and glides over skin with the opacity of a cream and the silky blendability of a powder
  • Super-saturated pigments deliver an intense color payoff that stays vibrant from pan to the skin. No fading, creasing or smudging—even without primer
  • Effortlessly create unique looks with 15 brand new, exclusive shades you won’t find anywhere else. Mix, match, and layer to your heart’s content—these shadows play together nicely for can’t-miss combinations